License Information

Original NYS Learners Permit

Must be at the window before 2:45 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

In Geneseo Office Only - on THURSDAYS you must be at the window before 5:00

Completed MV-44 (if under 18, parent/guardian section required)
Social Security Card Required
Proof of Date of Birth and 4 additional points (see Identification Requirements below)

How to apply for an Original Learners Permit
Identification Requirements
Application for a NYS Learners Permit(MV-44)
Statement of Identity by Parent or Guardian (MV-45)
Permit Fees
Permit Drivers Manual With Chapter Quizzes

Certification of Supervised Driving (required by all permit holders under 18 years)
form MV-262

Important Information about Learner's Permits

Scheduling your Road Test by Phone or Internet

New Laws for Young Drivers

TEENS program (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service)

How to Enroll in TEENS

TEENS Enrollment and Consent

Drivers License
Keep Tax Dollars in Our County, Process your transaction in person at our office, or address an envelope to Livingston County DMV and mail to us.

Application to Renew a Drivers License(MV-44)
Eye Test Report Form
How to Change Your Name on License, Permit, or ID
How to Change Your Name on Registration and/or Titles

Change of Address Form (MV-232)
Complete and sign part 1 only of the MV-232 and bring or mail into our Geneseo or Dansville office. If you wish to update your voter registration information, also complete part 3. (Part 2 is not necessary.) We will update your address on DMV records and provide you with the DMV sticker to place on your document with handwritten address at no charge. You will not receive a new document unless you complete form MV 44 and pay a fee of $17.50 for a new license, permit or ID document; and/or complete form MV 82 and pay $3.00 for a new registration. You may also use our sticker for registration address change instead of paying for a duplicate.

License Fees

DMV Records:
Abstract of Driving Record
Other Motor Vehicle Records

Tickets, Points, Penalties, and
Restore License or Driving Privilege

Non-Driver Identification Card
Application for a Non-Driver Identification Card (MV-44)
Identification Requirements

Identification Card Fees