Drivers From the US or Canada Who Move to NYS

NYS recognizes valid driver licenses held by residents of other US states, US territories and Federal districts and Canadian provinces. If you become a resident of NYS, you must apply for a NYS driver license not more than 30 days after you become a NYS resident.
How to Apply for a License You can exchange an out-of-state driver license or Canadian driver license for a NYS driver license if the driver license has your photograph, the driver license is not suspended or revoked and the driver license: •has been valid for at least 6 months, or •has expired in the past 24 months, or •is a valid CDL.

To exchange your out-of-state driver license for a New York state driver license, please bring ALL of the following documents to the Motor Vehicle office:
MV 44
Proof of name (see form ID 44 for documents you may use as proof of name)
Proof of date of birth (see form ID 44 for acceptable proof of date of birth)
Social Security Card
Pass DMV eye exam or present form MV-619 Eye Test Report completed and signed by you and medical professional.
Out-of State Driver License. If you do not have this document, you must speak with DMV office supervisor for further instructions. Your best option is to obtain a duplicate from your previous state so that you may reciprocate to New York.

CDL drivers - please bring your current Medical Examiner Certificate

How to Register Your Vehicle How do I register a vehicle in NYS that has a registration document or a title certificate from another state? If you are a not a resident of NYS, a vehicle registration from your state of residence is valid in NYS. If you become a resident of NYS, you have 30 days after you become a resident to register your vehicle in NYS. If you are a resident of NYS and you get a vehicle from another state, you must register the vehicle in NYS.

To register your vehicle now that you have moved to New York you must bring the following documents to the Motor Vehicle office:

Completed MV 82
Completed DTF 803 (exemption form if you purchased your vehicle while a resident of another state) OR
Completed DTF 802 if you are leasing your vehicle and are not paying sales tax as part of your monthly lease payment.

Please note: If you are currently a New York resident and purchased your vehicle out of state - you must pay New York State sales tax. Please see previous link for Registration and Sales Tax information for NYS residents.

Title and lien release OR
if out of state lienholder is holding your title, you need a Certified Copy of the title and a Letter of Permission from the leinholder to register your vehicle in New York. These items are only acceptable if faxed directly to the local DMV which you are registering with. (Livingston County Fax (Geneseo) 585-243-7159 (Dansville) 585-335-6712 Originals mailed directly to you and brought in the original envelope are also acceptable.
Please see Form MV-82.1 for more details on this. OR
If leasing your vehicle from an out of state leasing company, we need the original lease agreement with payment and sales tax schedule described.

Current New York State Insurance Card with a scannable bar code (FS 20 or FS 21) Note that the effective date on the card has to be valid (ie: cannot be used if dated tomorrow's date) AND cannot be more that 45 days after the date you are registering the vehicle (ie: Cannot use a card with effective date of February 2, 2014 if you come into the office after March 17, 2014) Your name printed on the insurance card must match exactly as it appears on your driver's license.

Acceptable Proofs of Identity (list is available on form ID-82)