Registration Information

Vehicle Registration and Sales Tax:
Each type of vehicle requires a Registration/title application - please see below for which type of application. Note: vehicles with transferrable registrations do not require a title, but still requires a registration application.

Each type of vehicle that you have just puchased (or received as a gift) requires a New York State Sales Tax Form - please see below to determine which Sales Tax Form is required.

Registration Fee Schedules: Passenger Registration Fee Schedule
Commercial Registration Fee Schedule

Registration of Motor Vehicles/ATV's/Trailers:
How to Register your Motor Vehicle, ATV or Trailer
Registration Application for Motor Vehicles, ATV and Trailers (MV-82)
Duplicate Title Application

Registration of Boats:
How to Register your Boat
Boat Registration Application (MV-82B)

Registration of Snowmobiles:

How to Register your Snowmobile

Snowmobile Registration Application (MV-82SN)

Sales Tax Information:
Sales Tax Statement of Transaction Form (DTF-802)

This form is required for a casual sale, it is recommended that section 6 is always completed and signed by the seller. It is necessary for section 6 to be completed and signed by the seller if the vehicle manufacture year is less than 7 years old; and also if it is a gift from anyone other than a spouse, parent, child, stepparent or stepchild. (Note: In-Laws do not qualify as parents, therefore, gift from an In-Law must have section 6 completed and signed) If it is not a vehicle, but is a trailer, snowmobile or atv - section 6 must be completed even if it is a gift from spouse, parent, child, stepparent or stepchild. The only time a bill of sale from seller is acceptable is if the vehicle is more than 7 years old and you paid fair market value for it. The buyer must always complete sections 1 - 5 of the DTF-802.
Sales Tax Exemption Form (DTF-803)
This form is completed only if you are exempt from Sales Tax. Please read the form to determine whether you are eligible to use this form.

Claim for Credit of Sales Tax Paid to another State (DTF-804)
This form is completed if you have paid part of the Sales Tax which you owe in New York to another state. Please examine the form to be sure that the state which collected your sales tax is eligible for credit in New York. Also be sure that you have sufficient proof that the Sales Tax was collected by that state and they are sending the credit to New York.

Custom Plate Information

Surrender Vehicle Plates to the DMV
Bring your plates to DMV with $1.00 cash. DMV will provide you with form FS6-T which allows you to cancel your auto liability insurance. You must surrender your plates BEFORE you cancel your insurance, even if you have moved out of state and have obtained insurance out of state - you must still surrender your New York plates to New York DMV. Only CASH will be accepted for this transaction ($1.00) If you are out of state and choose to mail your plates to us, please include your current out of state address inside the envelope along with the plates and the dollar. We need the current address to mail the FS6-T receipt to.

Insurance Lapse Information

NYS DMV Brochure (Auto Liability Insurance)