Mandatory E-filing

As authorized under Chapter 237 of the Laws of 2015, implementation of the mandatory e-filing program in Supreme Court, Livingston County, has been proposed by the District Administrative Judge of the Seventh Judicial District and the Livingston County Clerk to take effect January 24, 2018.  

Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts

Please note that Chapter 237 continues to provide an opt-out mechanism in mandatory e-filing cases for those attorneys who certify in good faith that they lack requisite hardware, electronic connection or technical knowledge to participate in e-filing.  However, Chapter 237 has changed the law so that unrepresented litigants are now automatically exempt from participating in e-filing and are no longer required to opt out.  Unrepresented litigants may however choose to participate in e-filing.  Information on how to do so is available at NYSCEF Unrepresented Litigants.

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