Virtual Neighborhood Watch

Mission:  The mission of the Sheriff’s Virtual Neighborhood Watch is to help law enforcement in Livingston County solve investigations more effectively and more efficiently through the use of camera systems. 

Background:  In today’s world of ever growing technology home security cameras systems are becoming more affordable and more common in residential neighborhoods. The problem with this is  that law enforcement agencies do not know where these cameras are located without going door to door which can cause extensive manpower and time delays.

The Answer:   The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office would like to partner with our community members and business owners to develop a confidential database of homes and businesses that have exterior security cameras that record.  These devices would only be called on in the event of a documented investigation in that neighborhood. This would establish a virtual neighborhood watch throughout Livingston County.

What we need:  If you are residential home owner or business owner willing to participate in the Sheriff’s Virtual Neighborhood Watch, you can download a Virtual Neighborhood Watch registration form or get one from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.  The LCSO will keep your information in a secure, confidential database. You are able to have your information and the information about your cameras removed from the program at any time .  

If your Camera is needed:  In the event that your camera data is needed a Sheriff’s Investigator or a Forensics Identification Technician, will contact you in person and will have you sign a release, allowing us to  then enter into your recording system.  It is important to note that we are not requesting open access to view your cameras but only wishing to know if you have cameras so we can call upon them if there is an investigation in your neighborhood.

Download the Virtual Neighborhood Watch registration form here.