Fair Housing

Federal and State law prohibits housing discrimination based on, but not limited to the following: race, creed, color, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military status, age, sex, marital status, familial status or source of income.  If you have been trying to buy or rent a home or apartment and you believe your civil rights have been violated, you can file a fair housing complaint.  Click on the seal below to be directed to the online HUD complaint system.  HUD_Lapel_Pin-BlackAdditional information on housing discrimination based on where your source of income is coming from can be found at the links below:

Learn more about the Source of Income Bulletin - Know Your Legal Rights

Learn more about the New York State Division of Human Rights Source of Income Discrimination in Housing

Some signs of possible discrimination include:

A refusal to sell, rent or show available housing

A statement that the dwelling is not right for your family

The dwelling has an “Available” sign, but you are told it is not available

Steering to certain communities or neighborhoods based on race, ethnic compositions, or familial status

Terms or availability change between a phone contact and an in-person visit

You are not contacted after acceptance of your application

An unreasonable refusal to provide a mortgage loan or home owners insurance

You are harassed or intimidated

If you think you have been a victim of housing discrimination:

Write down names of individuals, companies, addresses, phone numbers, dates, times, and any witnesses involved.

Make notes of conversations or incidents that might indicate that discrimination occurred.

Keep copies of advertising, letters, material, or other information.

If you know a person of a different national origin, race, religion, disability, or opposite sex who received a different answer or treatment than you, make a note of their name and address

Local resources:

HUD regional Office:  (800) 496-4294

New York State Department of Human Rights: (844) 862-8703

Livingston County Fair Housing Officer:  (585) 243-7300    Commissioner of Social Services