Geneseo Active Transportation Plan


Final Documents: 

Geneseo Active Transportation Plan Part 1

Geneseo Active Transportation Plan Part 2

Geneseo Active Transportation Plan Executive Summary

Geneseo Active Transportation Plan Appendices

Project Purpose:
The purpose of the Geneseo Active Transportation Plan is to develop a well-connected, attractive bicycle and pedestrian network which is safe, convenient, and user-friendly for people of all ages and abilities that connects neighborhoods and activity centers within the Village and Town, while protecting the environment and local historic resources within the community.
Incorporating active transportation planning into community development is transformative not only for physical infrastructure, but also for building upon community sustainability that ultimately improves the quality of life for those traveling through, and/or living in, Geneseo. These factors have been described for this study with benefits that include decreased impact on the environment through reduced motor vehicle usage, health benefits through enhanced physical activity, and economic benefits through community livability attracting families and homeowners, as well as community benefits through increased interactions and engagement in local activities.
Where it Came About:
The Geneseo Active Transportation Plan builds on recent efforts including the data and recommendations contained in the Geneseo Transportation Connectivity Pilot Plan, which was developed through a comprehensive public input process in 2012-2013.
Design and planning is an on-going process, adjusting for the environment for the dynamic needs and demands of people and the environment. Public participation is critical in understanding context, local needs of the community, and value of potential improvements.
The meetings conducted for this project reflect this effort, with participation from citizens of Geneseo as well as other key stakeholders and transportation users. Planning for public participation was guided by community planning principles of New York State, which envision planning as continuous, comprehensive, engaging, and coordinated.

Public Participation Opportunities: 

Click here for the survey. about biking and walking in Geneseo. 

The second opportunity for public input was held on Saturday, July 13, 2020 at the Geneseo Rotary Summer Festival. Input was collected needed on existing conditions for bicycling and walking, popular destinations in Geneseo, areas where community members walk, areas where community members would like to walk or bicycle to that are not easily accessed, and future bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. 

The third public input meeting was held on January 7, 2020 from 5-7 PM in the Geneseo Central School District Cafeteria. 

Public Input Meeting #2 Flyer 

Public Input Meeting #2 Summary

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