Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis

Final Document: 

Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis 

The Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis is a countywide assessment of the current and future housing needs. As part of this effort an analysis of the existing and proposed housing market will be conducted, demographic, economic and market trends will be analyzed and recommendations to address the current housing needs will be included for all 17 towns and 9 villages.

Livingston County was awarded a New York State Community Development Block Grant (NYS CDBG) to complete the Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis. Recommendations from the study will be used to guide housing policy decisions, encourage public-private collaborations and be an instrumental tool for leveraging future funding opportunities.

The approach for conducting this Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis has been divided into six different tasks all guided by a project Steering Committee. The Steering Committee members are Supervisor Wadsworth (Town of Geneseo), Supervisor Donohue (Town of Conesus), Supervisor Fanero (Town of Leicester), Supervisor Walker (Town of Nunda), Ian Coyle (County Administrator), Angela Ellis (Deputy County Administrator), Diane Deane (Commissioner of Social Services), Bill Bacon (Economic Development Director), Lynne Mignemi (Probation Director), Megan Crowe (Planning Department) and Joe Gunther (Livingston County Land Bank).

Task 1: Housing Initiatives 

Task 2: Demographic, Geographic and Economic Data

Task 3: Housing Stock, Trends and Projections

Task 4: Market Analysis

Task 5: Develop Implementation Strategies and Recommendations

Task 6: Final Document and Presentation to Stakeholders.