Bronson Hill Rehabilitation

Project location map showing limits between US-20A and NY-5/US-20


The project will rehabilitate drainage and pavement on Bronson Hill Rd. These improvements will benefit users of this roadway, including commuters, visitors, 125+ residences along Bronson Hill Rd and 1,500 acres of farm land accessed by multiple family farms.


The lane widths will remain the same- paved shoulders widened at intersections, pavement repairs made prior to complete resurfacing, and drainage systems upgraded. 

**Road to be closed between 15/20A and Stone Hill Rd for two weeks starting 10/18/21**

Project Information

Project Overview/Summary

Public Information Presentation- review the project scope, objectives and proposed outcomes.

Schedule information

Construction Plans

Initial Project Proposal

Design Report

Design Report Appendices

Public Involvement

Due to COVID-19 related concerns, an in-person public meeting was not held. The following materials were presented for public review and comment. Public comments were considered and incorporated into the final design. 

Concerns or input regarding the project can still be submitted through the form below.

Submit a comment or question through the website, via e-mail, or call (585) 243-6700.