Other (Schools, Masks, etc.)

Masking Recommendations: 

  • Masks continue to help protect you and others from COVID-19 (CDC). Any mask is better than no mask.
  • It is still a best practice to wear a  mask for up to 10 days if exposed to anyone with COVID-19 and for five days after the last day of being positive for COVID-19.
  • See the CDC website to learn more about masking

Transmission Rates:

  • Learn about transmission rates by County (CDC)


  • It is up to individual businesses to determine and enforce mask-wearing. The public is expected to comply.
  • Each organization or facility can determine its own requirements for mask-wearing. 
  • This can change due to COVID-19 community transmission levels, the needs of the population served, special populations, outbreaks, and other responsibilities of the organization. 
  •  Please contact the facility directly to determine mask needs. 
  • Preventive actions are outlined on the CDC website. 

 NYS will not stand for harassment against anyone that chooses to wear or require masks.