Treatment Court

Livingston County Treatment Court is a court-ordered condition of probation. Participants must meet criteria before being accepted into Livingston County Treatment Court.  Defendants facing felony or misdemeanor charges where drug addiction is a component of their offense may be eligible to participate in a criminal DTC program. 

Those who successfully complete their drug treatment court program may have their charges dismissed or reduced, or may receive a reduction in their sentence.

In October 2009, a new law, Criminal Procedure Law, Article 216: Judicial Diversion Program for Certain Felony Offenders, authorizes a court to divert eligible felony offenders into substance abuse treatment programs.

For more information about Livingston County Treatment Court, please contact:

Resource Coordinator Darlene O'Brien     (585)371-3976

Livingston County Treatment Court Random Drug Screen Line: (585) 371-3942

 Livingston County Treatment Court Handbook