Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

The Livingston County Probation Department is the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) monitoring agency for Livingston County; the Probation Department monitors all court ordered IIDs.  

Once ordered to install an IID by a court, an IID shall be installed in any vehicle owned (titled, registered & insured) and/or operated within in ten business days of the conditional discharge or sentence of probation or release from incarceration. Even if you are given a stay on your driver's license suspension/revocation, an IID needs to be installed during this aforementioned timeframe if you plan to drive your vehicle. 

Once the Livingston County Probation Department receives your case from the court, the assigned probation officer will contact you by phone or mail. You will be asked to complete a Vehicle Owner Affidavit if there are other residents in the home who have titled/registered/operable motor vehicles on the property. A Vehicle Owner Affidavit needs to be filled out by each owner and for every vehicle. You will also be asked to complete a Vehicle Access and Operation by Others if there are other individuals who will be operating the motor vehicle with the IID installed. 

Periodically throughout the period of the conditional discharge or your probation sentence, driving record checks will be conducted in order to ensure your compliance. If it is determined you own a vehicle and do not have an IID installed, you will be asked to provide documentation that you no longer own the vehicle(s), transfer the title to another individual and provide documentation of such or install an IID on the vehicle(s). 

See below links for IID vendors approved by New York State.