Cannabis - Use, Licensing, Hemp Regulations

Clean Indoor Air/Retail Tobacco Compliance

Conducts routine inspections at businesses that sell tobacco and/or vaping products

  •  Ensures compliance with county and state tobacco laws
  • The Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act regulates the sale of tobacco products with the goal of restricting access by minors. This act works to prevent tobacco use among Livingston County youth.
  • Compliance checks are conducted using an underage youth. Sales made to an underage youth result in an enforcement action for violation of Public Health Law Article 13-F. New York State law also requires that the name and address of the Retail Tobacco Dealer in violation of Article 13-F be made public.
    View the List of Retail Tobacco Dealers in Violation of Article 13-F
  • Conducts investigations in response to concerns for indoor air quality
  • Investigates complaints and answers questions

Youth and Tobacco.....Parents...look closely!