Opioid Settlement Information

Visit CASA-Trinity's website for information on opioid recovery.  There is hope!

Livingston County Department of Health held community round tables in December 2022 to get community recommendations on the awesome task of using opioid settlement dollars to expand and enhance our service system in Livingston County.

Participants in these groups identified three priority areas: 

  • mobile crisis services, 
  • availability of methadone, and 
  • peer recovery supports.

Over the past several months, opioid settlement funds were allocated in the following ways:

Mobile Crisis 

  • CASA-Trinity was awarded funds to begin a mobile crisis program. 
  •  Staff will be available by phone to provide assistance, plan for safety and make referrals.
  •  Staff will also be available to provide in-person visits, and refer hospital assessment if needed. 
  • We know that the provision of after-hours care by behavioral health professionals is a need in Livingston County, and we believe that filling this gap will reduce unnecessary police transports, ER visits, and hospitalizations for our residents.


  • CASA-Trinity was also awarded funds to build a methadone program (Opioid Treatment Program), to be housed in their Dansville Outpatient location. 
  • We know that methadone is an important component of medications for opioid use disorder and a component that has been missing from our service array, forcing individuals to travel as many as 60 miles round trip for daily doses of this recovery-supporting medication. 
  • These opioid settlement dollars will allow for CASA-Trinity to provide a secure, discrete, supportive facility for members of our community to be treated within our community.

Peer Support

Youth Peer Advocate 

  • Hillside will use opioid settlement funds to hire a full-time Youth Peer Advocate to work with our adolescent population. 
  • Youth Peer Advocates teach individuals how best to identify goals and advocate for themselves to ensure needs are met. 
  • Youth Peer Advocates provide positive examples through their lived experiences and personal successes. 
  • This individual will provide a youth voice on county committees and treatment team meetings to ensure decisions are made by the individuals receiving services.

Expansion of LIVES Program

  • ARC-GLOW was awarded funding to expand involvement in the LIVES program at SUNY Geneseo. 
  • Without support, individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities can often lack the skills to live independently and make positive choices. 
  • The LIVES program provides individuals with social, learning, and job readiness skills to set them up for success as they move into their adult lives.  
  • For more information on this program, click here: https://www.arcglow.org/programs/day-and-vocational-services/south-region-lives-program

Open Access

  • Finally, focus group participants expressed a need for open access services. 
  • Open access allows individuals to link with treatment when the motivation to change is at its highest. Livingston County Mental Health Clinic is pleased to offer open access hours on Wednesdays from 8:00-5:00.
  •  Those seeking services can present for an intake and be linked with the clinic and other appropriate services.

The opioid settlement fund provides an opportunity to create meaningful change where lives have been damaged by opioids and to provide purpose to prevent harmful opioid misuse in the future. Please visit this page for continued updates.


New York State Opioid-Related data reports (annual and quarterly) are available at: https://www.health.ny.gov/statistics/opioid and can be viewed by County. 

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