Vendor Information

How to Register as a Vendor and Obtain Business Opportunities from Livingston County and other Governmental Agencies

Livingston County is a member of the Empire State Purchasing Group for soliciting bids from vendors.
This automatic bid notification system allows your company to receive messages anytime Livingston County has a bid opportunity that matches your company’s line of business through the group notification. In addition to Livingston County there are over 200 local governmental agencies, using The Empire State Purchasing Group to post their Bids, Request for Proposals and Request for Quotes.
If you would like to receive future bid opportunities and BE NOTIFIED ELECTRONICALLY from Livingston County and the other participating agencies, we recommend that you register your company online for the group notification.
To register, visit Empire State Purchasing Group ( Once there, use the “Register” link and follow the instructions to complete the registration form. If you are currently registered as a vendor on this system, you do not need to register separately for Livingston County.
By registering and creating a basic account, your company will have a NO COST option to manually search for bid/rfp/quote/addenda opportunities from Livingston County as well as access to all opportunities posted by the other participating agencies!

A second option offers an e-mail notification service (group notification), which automatically sends you a message anytime Livingston County or any other participating agency issues bids, request for proposals, quotes and addendums that match your selected product and service codes. The annual fee for this automatic service is only $108.98 a year (plus tax for NYS vendors).
If you need assistance, please call the technical support department at BidNet toll free 1.800.835.4603 option #2.
We look forward to providing you with more bid information, less paperwork and simplifying the processes for everyone involved. We thank you for your cooperation and welcome your participation!
This service is not a mandatory requirement to bid and do business with Livingston County. It is being offered as a tool to help you reach out to new and prospective customers.
If you do not wish to register as a vendor through the Empire State Purchasing Group you may register by 
emailing Ashley Scutt with your company name, contact information and type of services or products you sell or provide or by filling out this Vendor Registration Form.

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