Mental Health / Community Services

If you are in crisis, help is available 24 hours per day by calling 2-1-1

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Livingston County Community Services:

  •  Is a program within the Livingston County Department of Health.  It is the governmental unit charged with:
    • Encouragement of programs aimed at prevention and treatment
    • Receiving and allocating public mental hygiene funds in accordance with New York State (NYS) law
    • System oversight and planning across all mental health, substance use, and developmental disability services in our county

Livingston County Mental Health:

  • Is a county-operated outpatient clinic licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. 
  • We providee services to children and adults with mental health needs. These issues may be the result of stress, significant changes in a person’s/family’s life, or may be more chronic in nature.
  • Our staff includes psychiatrists, therapists (social workers and counselors), nurses, nurse practitioners, and care managers.
  • We provide both tele-therapy and in-person therapy. 
  • Staff are available in the office for crisis needs.