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The County Clerk is an elected official who serves as the clerk of the state supreme and county courts and is responsible for providing files, records, and indexes of papers in legal actions and proceedings. The Clerk also maintains judgment dockets and records of monies paid or ordered to be paid to court.

In addition to court duties, various statutes require that the County Clerk record deeds, mortgages, and liens; file maps, financing statements, and military discharges; process pistol permits and passports; qualify notary public appointments in the county; file oaths of office of county officials and employees; and act as the agent of the commissioner of motor vehicles to issue motor vehicle registrations and licenses.

Access to our DMV website with links to New York State DMV forms can be found at Department of Motor Vehicles.

Livingston County Clerk Services

The following services available to the public:

  • Adoptions are by court order only.
  • All civil actions (index only), you can look at the actual file if the action is not a divorce or has been sealed by the judge (defendant only).
  • All criminal actions (index only), you can look at the actual file if the action is not a sexual abuse case, youthful offender, or has been sealed by the judge (defendant only).
  • All death certificates, birth certificates, and marriage certificates are available in the town or village in which each occurred.

Personal Matters

  • All deeds, mortgages, judgments, and liens
  • Assigns index number required for judicial intervention
  • Census records, which are available from the county historian
  • Civil and criminal papers
  • D.B.A.'s and corporations.
  • Divorce, separation, and Article 78
  • Federal and state tax liens
  • Files court proceedings
  • Indictments
  • Judgments and satisfactions
  • Military discharges
  • Naturalization records which are available from the county historian
  • Writs of habeas corpus

Your Home & Business

  • Assumed Name (DBA)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificates of Satisfaction
  • Deeds
  • LLC Designated Newspapers
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Mortgages
  • Partnership
  • Real Estate Transfers
  • Survey Maps
  • Welfare Liens

Communication for Concealed Carry Pistol Permit holders from Livingston County Clerk, Andrea K. Bailey regarding CCIA 3year recertification.  

Communication can be found here


New York State Executive Law §131 

was amended on June 30, 2023

I'm a notary public what does it mean for me?


The Livingston County Clerk's Office will offer extended hours on Thursdays

 beginning September 1, 2022 

The office will operate from 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. to provide flexibility for residents.

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         Mortgage           Recording Tax

The Livingston County Board of Supervisors recently passed Local Law No. 2-2022 extending the additional  mortgage recording tax to be collected thru December 1, 2025.