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COVID-19 Documentation Project

The County Historian’s Office wants to hear about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you, no matter what your experiences viewpoints are. Are you tired of COVID-19 and feel your life has returned to normal? Is the pandemic continuing to affect your day-to-day? Input from all ages is valued.

All information gathered will become part of the County Historian’s permanent archival collection and made accessible to researchers. Stories and images may also be used for future exhibits.

Submit your experiences and/or images directly here:

COVID-19 Documentation Project Survey

  1. Your Privacy*

    Can we include your name and town in possible future exhibits or other projects?

  2. Please submit any photos that document this place and time in history. Ex. storefronts, street scenes, signs, family and neighborhood activities (indoors and out), and the workplace.

  3. Voice recordings of your story and videos documenting this event are also welcomed.

  4. Need to send more files?

    Please feel free to email us additional photos or documents at

  5. Thank you!

    Your submission helps us document the local impact of the pandemic on our communities.

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Doing Research?

We are excited to help! Michaeux brothers

  1. Search our Records Index for a name.
  2. Send us your specific questions or call us!
  3. Plan a visit to our research center for one-on-one assistance.
  4. Browse other digital resources and repositories to track down information.

Book Available:

Portraits of women bordering Women's Biographical Review book cover Opens in new window

The Women's Biographical Review is the County Historian's newest foundational reference book, published as part of Livingston County's bicentennial year. It features 200 women associated with Livingston County from the 18th-21st centuries.

Order your copy through the County Historian's Office!

Also available at Sundance Books in Geneseo and on

Once you've read it, please write a review on Google Books or Goodreads. Thank you!

What's New?

New Photo Gallery Launched

October 2022

TColor image of Lima baseball team from early 1900she Livingston County Historian's Office is pleased to present an improved photograph gallery to showcase just a few of the thousands of photographs held in the archives.

Check it out and let us know what else you would like to see! View the photo albums here.

Madeline Friedler Appointed Deputy County Historian

August 2022Image with text welcoming newest employee, Madeline Friedler, as deputy historian Opens in new window

Brand-new Look for Historian's Record Index

June 2022

Now you can filter records, search keywords, and find more information than ever before!

new site header

Get started and send us any feedback!

New county historian appointed

May 2022

On May 27, Amie Alden retired after over 25 years of public service. Deputy Historian Holly Watson was named to the position by the board of supervisors. Click here to read more.

Portraits of Amie Alden and Holly Watson

Poorhouse Cemeteries

June 2021

Just released: over 320 names of those known to be buried in the Old and New County Poorhouse Cemeteries.

Grave number 14 in County Poorhouse Cemetery

Gail McGuire: Rallyist

April 2021

Gail McGuire of Avon, New York talks about her 50-year career as a rally car driver and co-driver in North America. 

Local History Out Loud - Part 2

September 2020

This video explores Livingston County's response to preserve the Union, massive changes in the post-Civil War era, the rise of industrialization, social reform, and the woman's rights movement in the mid- to late 19th century.

Women’s History Trail

March 2020

Explore some of the contributions women have made to Livingston County with this new STQRY tour, and check back for periodic additionsWomens History Trail image

Photographs from the Archives

Livingston Landmarks

Highlights from the County Bicentennial Year, 2021

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