Dog Control

What does Dog Control do?
Stray Dogs:
If we know who the dog belongs to, we try to get them home. If the stray is found aft
er hours, we arrange pickup for the next day. In towns with an ordinance, if the dog is frequently loose, we may ticket the owner.
Nuisance Complaints:
In Towns with an ordinance, we can ticket the owner, but we need to either see the violation or take a deposition for a witness. Without an ordinance, we go by Agriculture & Markets Law, Article 7.

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Animal Cruelty:

We refer all animal cruelty complaints to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, NYS Police, local Police Departments, or humane societies.



Most dogs housed at the shelter are returned to their owners, adopted into new families, or transferred to rescue organizations.

All dogs adopted from the shelter must be spayed or neutered within 30 days of adoption or when they reach 6 months of age. As required by law, a $35.00 deposit will be collected. The deposit will be returned to the adopter upon receipt of proof of spay or neuter within 90 days of adoption. Adopted dogs will also receive rabies vaccination, distemper/parvo vaccination and de-worming medication prior to leaving. A non-refundable fee will be charged.

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If your dog is missing, please visit the Dog Control Facility to see if your dog is with us. 

Please be advised that ALL dogs, whether on or off the owner's premises,
MUST be licensed. Licenses are available at your town clerk where you will
be given a bright, shiny tag for your pooch to proudly display on its collar.