Purchase of Development Rights Program in Livingston County


The New York State Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Program is a competitive program that reimburses farmers up to 87.5% of the value of the development rights on their land through the acquisition of an agricultural conservation easement. To date in Livingston County, 12 conservation easements have been completed, protecting 7,412 acres through the State PDR program.

Conservation Easements

The New York State PDR program buys agricultural conservation easements on the state’s most productive farmland. A conservation easement is a permanent restriction on the future development of the land. The program is completely voluntary, and the seller retains title to the land and can continue farming the property.  However, the land may not be used for commercial, residential, or industrial uses in perpetuity.

Questions & Inquiries

Further information on the New York State PDR program can be found at the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets Farmland Protection website.

Questions on the PDR program in Livingston County can be directed to the Genesee Valley Conservancy at 585-243-2190.

The 2022 PDR pre-application is available in PDF format and Word format.