Public Defender

The Public Defender is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to provide legal representation for cases in Livingston County. She is responsible for defending indigent people who are unable to afford private counsel. Individuals seeking representation must complete an application and provide financial information to prove financial need.

The Public Defender’s Office provides representation in criminal court handling felonies, misdemeanors, and family or surrogate court. The Public Defender has the authority to appoint Assistant Public Defenders, paralegal assistants, secretarial, and clerical assistants.


The following tasks are up to the Public Defender:
  • Review all applications for eligibility determination
  • Appear in court for preliminary hearings, court appearances, and trials.
  • Initiate appeal proceedings when necessary.
  • Participate, when appropriate, with prosecution and law enforcement officials in alternative sentencing programs which divert defendants from incarceration, such as treatment court.
  • Provide legal representation at criminal courts and family court.
  • Review evidence and meet with clients.
  • Try cases when a trial is demanded.


If you would like to apply for a public defender in Livingston County, please fill out an application and return it to our office using the contact information on the back of the form. If you would rather receive an application by mail or fax, please call us at 585-243-7028. You must provide proof of income, including paycheck stubs, Public Assistance or Unemployment award letters, and all court documents for your application to be processed properly.
If your case is not a Livingston County case, please visit the New York State Defenders Association (NYSDA) website.


  • Christopher J. Laragy, Esq.
  • Bradley A. Janson, Esq.
  • Michael W. McNelis, Esq.
  • Kelly J. Donohue, Esq.
  • Daniel L. Romano, Esq.
  • Ann E. Connor, Esq.
  • Marc A. Duclos, Esq.
  • Brian P. Spindler, Esq.
  • Lisa P. Dugan, Confidential Secretary/Paralegal
  • McKenzie L. Bonadonna, Senior Legal Typist
  • Julia M. Olin, Senior Account Clerk/Typist