County Jail

Medical Services

The Livingston County Jail contract with Primecare Medical and is staffed seven days a week. Any inmate wishing to see the nurse for medical reasons can do so on request. On duty medical Consists of LPNs, RNs NPs and MDs .

  • A Primecare physician visits the facility weekly and is available for emergencies and at the advice of the scheduled RN .
  • Emergencies will be handled at the direction of the facility superintendent, deputy superintendent, or shift supervisor.
  • All other medical problems (therapy, non-emergency hospitalization, etc.) will be at the discretion of the facility superintendent with the recommendation of Medical staff .
  • All illnesses or injuries shall be reported to the housing unit deputies.

Dental Services

Dental care is limited to serious dental problems. Action taken will be at the discretion of the Medical Staff. 

Mental Health Services

The Livingston County Department of Mental Health along with Primecare Medical will provide psychiatric and psychological counseling. There is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist on staff at the jail five days per week. Inmates who need these services should contact the providers or in an emergency housing unit deputies.

Religious Services

Religious services will be held as follows: 

  • Nondenominational bible study will be held every Thursday evening
  • Sunday services will be held every Sunday at 4:30 pm and 5:45 pm.

An inmate's own minister may visit the inmate Thursdays between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. If an inmate desires to see someone representing a specific recognized religion, a request should be made to the area staff officer and an attempt will be made to contact someone representing that religion.

Alcohol / Substance Abuse Counseling

The Livingston County Council on Alcoholism will be available for counseling and will visit the jail Monday- Friday. Requests should be made to the area staff officer. 


Educational Services

 Youths 21 years and younger without a high school diploma are required to attend educational classes during the regular school year. A staff officer will contact all eligible inmates.

General Equivalency Diploma

A General Equivalency Diploma (GED) program will be held during the regular school year for inmates 21 years old and older. Inmates wishing to take part in this program should advise the area staff officer.