Educational Programs

Community Policing Unit

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office Community Policing Unit provides lectures and demonstrations on a variety of topics. Please contact Deputy Timothy Sweeting for further information.

Community Services

  • Crime Prevention Programs
    • FAIR Program
    • Operation Safe Child
    • Scared Straight Jail Tour
    • TRIAD / SALT Program
    • Yellow Dot Program
    • Victim Impact Panel
  • Safety Presentations
    • Bank Safety
    • Gun Safety
    • Identity Theft
    • Internet Safety/Sexting
    • Personal Safety
    • Property Protection

Community Oriented Policing (COP)

Community Oriented Policing is a new belief based on the concept that police officers and citizens working together in creative ways can help resolve contemporary problems related to crime, fear of crime, social and physical disorder, and neighborhood decay. This philosophy is predicated on the belief that police develop partnerships with law-abiding citizens to work together as a team.
  • Create awareness be developing a partnership between government and community
  • Motivate citizens to develop a sense of ownership for their community
  • Encourage mutual respect for everyone in the community
  • Become involved with service, fraternal, community, and social groups by providing education lectures, demonstrations, and presentations

School Pr


The Community Policing Unit also spends a considerable amount of time in schools with programs directed at our youth.
  • Personal Safety Laws for Little People
  • Vandalism, Alcohol, and Drug Awareness
  • D.A.R.E.