Firearms Training Unit

The mission of the Firearms Training Unit of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office is to provide firearms training and qualification to the members of the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and to other police agencies in Livingston County.


The members of the Sheriff's Office, who in the performance of their duties are required to carry a firearm, are required to qualify with their issued sidearm, the agency AR-15, and the agency-issued 12-gauge shotgun. This annual qualification and an annual training day for tactical use of firearms are done under the guidance of the Firearms Training Unit.


There are four members of the Sheriff's Office assigned to this unit:
  • Investigator Gene Chichester
  • Corporal Michael Malone
  • Sergeant Aaron Galvin
  • Investigator Joshua Monster
All four have attended the basic Firearms Instructor Course and the Advance Firearms Instructor Course. Investigator Joshua Monster is on the Sheriff's Office SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics Team). All four members have extensive experience with firearms.