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This office can perform searches of indexed references and email digital copies at no charge. Fees apply for mailed photocopies (view mailing rates). Due to the number of requests, it may take a short time to receive a response.

  • Please use the following citation for any image published in print or online: Livingston County Historian (New York). 
  • Permission to obtain more than 10 images, different formats, or any other special request must be submitted in writing for consideration and be approved by the County Historian. See full Digital Files Policy.
Not available: 
  • Vital records - New York State did not keep birth, death, and marriage records until about 1880; after this date, certificates are usually available at the town/city where the event occurred. Marriage records are available from the municipality where the marriage license was issued. If the location of these events is unknown, check the indexes on Reclaim the Records. You may also contact the New York State Department of Health.
image of Mt Morris A. Harris Casket Receipt from 1886
  • Exception 1: This office does hold marriage records kept by the County Clerk between 1908 to 1926, indexed through the County Historian's Record Index.
  • Exception 2: This office does hold vital records (birth, marriage, death) records kept by several town clerks between about 1847 and 1849, pursuant to a law of 1847. Most towns complied for at least part of the time, and these records are indexed and available online through the County Historian's Records Index.
  • For deeds and mortgages, please visit the Livingston County Clerk at 6 Court St., Geneseo, NY 14454 or use the Land Records Collection on