The logo for the employee wellness program in Livingston County

"The first wealth is health." 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Livingston County values the well-being of each individual (current and former) employee and their families. The Supportive Health Awareness Program for Employees (SHAPE) program is committed to make personal choices that promote optimal health and also create a culture of total wellness among themselves and their families.


It is the Mission of Livingston County's SHAPE to provide a variety of opportunities designed to encourage personal responsibility and growth in the area of total wellness. Livingston County will recognize its employees' diverse needs and interests by expanding educational programming, events, activities, and resources and explore the use of facilities in areas such as fitness, nutrition, and general health, to promote improved health for the benefit of each employee.


- Improve the health and well-being of all county employees and ultimately their families.

- Develop a comprehensive workplace wellness program for county employees.

SHAPE Brochure

How does Livingston County support your wellness?