Drug Task Force

“Whether people want to believe it or not, we do have a drug problem in Livingston County. We believe that drugs are the root cause of most violent crimes in Livingston County. The consolidated drug task force, which came into existence in 2012, is a good example of team effort. Our team will be tough on crime, especially illegal drugs. We believe that the prevention of and zero tolerance for illegal drug activities is the foundation of a healthy and safe community.” - Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty

The Livingston County Drug Task Force (LCDTF) is a multi-agency task force whose primary goal is to proactively fight the presence and use of illegal substances in and around Livingston County.

The LCDTF was created in late 2012 and consists of the following agencies:

  • Livingston County Sheriff’s Office
  • Avon Police Department
  • Caledonia Police Department
  • Geneseo Police Department
  • Mount Morris Police Department
  • Nunda Police Department
  • New York State Park Police, and
  • Livingston County District Attorneys Office