Bail Procedures

Bail Procedures

To bail an inmate out of jail, you have a variety of options. The Corrections Division takes cash, and credit cards up to $10,000 (see important notice below). You can do so in person, by phone or on-line.

In Person

At the jail facility located at Four Court Street, Geneseo, NY.  If you wish to post bail up to $10,000 you must be present at the facility to do so.  You will need to be the card holder and be present to complete this transaction.

By Phone or On-line

You will need the defendant's name, date of birth, inmate folder number, booking number and cash bail amount. Any remote payments of bail will be capped at $2,500.  This information can be obtained from the Corrections Division by calling (585) 243-7180.

By Phone
Call 1-800-604-7888 toll free from any phone, tell the GPS Operator that you are paying cash bail to the Livingston County Sheriff in New York and the Payment Location Code is 1427.

Click here to pay online.


Your credit card statement will reflect a charge to Government Payment Service, Inc. A non-refundable GPS Service Fee will be added to all transactions, see below for details.

By using the remote bail payment system, you acknowledge that the funds being paid via your credit card become property of the defendant. Essentially, your transaction is a wire-transfer of funds to the Livingston County Jail, so the defendant can use the funds to make bail. Any receipt or bail affidavit issued for a remote bail transaction - will be made out in the defendant's name and given to him/her prior to their release. Therefore, any refund of bail by the court will be made to the defendant.

GPS Fee Schedule
Bail Amount Fee
$1 - $200 $20
$200.01 - $300 $30
$300.01 - $400 $40
$400.01 - $500 $50
$500.01 - $750 $75
$750.01 - $1,000 $95
$1,000.01 - $1,500 $110
$1,500.01 - $1,750 $125
$1,750.01 - $2,000 $145
$2,000.01 - $99,999 8%