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Safe Yield Evaluation for Conesus Lake, 2021

Watershed Education Center - Yearly Educational Program

Watershed Characterization Report - Ten Year Update (2013)

Annual Report Cards

Annual Report Cards provide an update on the Conesus Lake
Watershed Management Plan implementation activities and
yearly water quality monitoring results.

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Monitoring Reports


SUNY Brockport:  Livingston County Water Quality Monitoring - 2021 Tributary Program




SUNY Geneseo:  Monitoring of Water Quality, Water Column Mixing and Blooms of Cyanobacteria In Conesus Lake (NY), Summer 2017


SUNY Geneseo: Linkage Between Water Column Mixing of Phosphorus and Onset of Cyanobacteria Blooms In Conesus Lake

SUNY Brockport: Stream Water Quality Assessment of Long Point Gully, Graywood Gully, and Sutton Point: Conesus Lake Tributaries


SUNY Brockport: Trophic Status of Conesus Lake 2014: Long-term Trends in Lake Chemistry and the Plankton Community


SUNY Geneseo: Studies of Adult and Larval Zebra Mussel Populations in Conesus Lake, NY


SUNY Brockport: Long-term Trends and the Trophic Status of Conesus Lake 2012

SUNY Brockport: Stream Water Quality Assessment of Long Point Gully, Graywood Gully, and Sand Point Gully: Conesus Lake Tributaries Spring 2012

SUNY Geneseo: Historical Trends of Macrophyte Diversity and Biomass in Conesus Lake

SUNY Geneseo: Study of Selected Limnological Parameters In Conesus Lake (NY) Following Heavy Precipitation and Runoff in Spring 2011

SUNY Brockport: The Development of an Stream Water Quality Assessment Index to Evaluate Stream Health Conesus Lake Tributaries


SUNY Brockport: Conesus Lake Tributaries Summer 2010

SUNY Geneseo: Macrophyte Biomass and Filamentous Algal Cover in Conesus Lake: Long Term Trends for the Cottonwood Gully, Sand Point Gully, Sutton Point Gully and North Gully Cove Macrophyte Beds

Walleye as a Management tool for controlling alewife populations of Cayuta and Canadarago Lakes, August 2010


SUNY Geneseo: Continued Monitoring of Macrophyte Biomass and Filamentous Algal Cover in Conesus Lake

Water Quality of the Finger Lakes, New York 2005-2008, March 2, 2009

SUNY Brockport: Water Quality of USDA Monitored Watersheds Internal Hypolimnetic Phosphorus Loading Lake Chemistry Status of the Zooplankton Community

Conesus Lake Baseline Data on the Stream Bank Restoration Project Update on Water Quality of USDA Monitored Watersheds, December 2008

Water Chemistry of the North and South Basins of Conesus Lake - January 2001



Water Pollution Summary Bulletin - Conesus Lake Studies, October 1968


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