hyper-reach Emergency Notification System

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“Hyper-Reach” allows the Emergency Communications Center to quickly send a recorded message to telephones in specific areas and alert residents to any emergency situations that may require immediate action. The system is designed to deliver more than 5,000 calls per hour and has been successfully used on a number of occasions for incidents such as hazardous chemical releases, missing persons, and barricaded persons. The “Hyper-Reach” message delivers critical information to residents and provides guidance on what precautions need to be taken by residents during and after the incident.

All hard-wired telephones in Livingston County are automatically listed to receive these alerts; however, there is no central registry of mobile telephones. Individuals will need to register their mobile devices with Hyper-reach in order to receive the alerts.

The number of people who are dependent on their mobile telephone is climbing at an amazing rate; Almost two-thirds of the calls made to 911 come from these devices.

According to the CTIA, a telecommunications provider association, 91% of the population is using some form of mobile device with 24.5% of households eliminating their hard-wire telephone in favor of wireless only.

Registration only takes a minute and all information is kept confidential. Users have the option of receiving an audio message, text message, or both along with an email alert. If a user moves, they can use the same method to update their address.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office, Communications Division Director, Bill Mann, states; "Our citizens safety, and getting important information out to them as quickly as possible, is a priority for our Sheriff, our office, and our County. We encourage our citizens to take a moment and register their mobile devices so we can communicate with as many of our citizens as possible when emergency information needs to get out. Your safety, and getting important information to you as quickly as possible, is important to us."

hyper-reach has also provided a "Community Sign-Up Number" for those who do not have computer access. The number is (585) 206-7699, the system works by voice prompts to which the caller verbally answers the pertinent questions.

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