Emergency Preparedness

The Livingston County Department Response Team (DRT) is compiled of  qualified personnel that are prepared to respond to potential disease  outbreaks or bioterrorism events.The Livingston County Department of  Health works with a wide range of partners to establish collaborative  efforts as they pertain to preparedness. Check out our preparedness checklist to see if you are ready for an emergency.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, visit The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website here.

Citizen Public Health Training Program

For more information click here.


Medical Reserve Corps

The Livingston County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) consists of locally  based professional medical and non-medical volunteers who can assist  their communities during emergencies, such as an influenza epidemic, a  chemical spill, or an act of terrorism. MRC volunteers may also augment  medical staff shortages at local medical and emergency facilities.  Medically trained volunteers are able to fill in the gaps of emergency  response plans and to improve our overall response capabilities. All  volunteers are provided training on emergency preparedness and response.


The MRC is continually recruiting volunteers. Community members with and  without medical training are encouraged to volunteer. Those with  medical training include practicing, retired, or otherwise employed  medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, emergency medical  technicians, pharmacists, nurses’ assistants, and others.

Lend a Hand

Are you ready to lend a hand to your community? For more information or  to become a volunteer to serve your community in times of need please call 585-243-7299.

There are some health and training requirements in order to become a volunteer.  Here is a list of the requirements.  Some of these may be waived temporarily during an emergency.

The registration process can be found if you click here.