What is the difference between the Historical Society and the County Historian's Office?

The Livingston County Historical Society is an organization founded in 1876, in part due to national interest in documenting local history for the United States' Centennial Anniversary. Its mission is to discover, preserve, and educate the community about our rich shared history. The organization continues today as a private institution and operates the Livingston County Museum, opened in 1895. The Historical Society and Museum serves as a repository mainly for artifacts related to Livingston County and their supporting archival documentation. View their website here.

The County Historian's Office is a department of Livingston County Government, and was established in 1933 with the appointment of the first County Historian, Judge Lockwood R. Doty. The mission of the Office is to collect, preserve, and interpret local history, providing access to this information to the public and presenting information through programming and exhibitions. The County Historian's Office's collections provide researchers with excellent primary source materials for scholarly and genealogical inquiry.

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