What can I expect at my initial reporting appointment?
  1. You will review and sign your conditions of probation.
  2. If applicable, a DNA sample will be collected.
  3. You will sign referrals for any services mandated by your probation conditions.  
  4. Releases will be completed for primary contacts, as well as any services providers who you are working with.
  5. If applicable, you will be required to provide a urine sample to test for drugs and alcohol.
  6. You will be required to bring the following documentation to your initial reporting:
    • Verification of residency
    • Verification of employment/disability
    • Vehicle information (title, registration and insurance)
    • Verification of health insurance
    • Name/contact information for PCP and treatment providers
    • List of prescription medications
    • Photo identification
    • Contact information for primary contact

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