What lotions can I wear with SCRAM CAM?

As outlined in your Program Participant Agreement, avoid lotions with alcohol on or near the bracelet.

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1. Does the SCRAM CAM bracelet make noise?
2. What products should I avoid using while wearing SCRAM CAM?
3. Can I exercise with the SCRAM CAM bracelet on? Will it flop around and will that register as tampering?
4. Can I wear boots or leggings with the SCRAM CAM braclet?
5. Can I shower with the SCRAM CAM braclet? What about swimming or hot tubs?
6. Can I wear cologne or perfume while wearing SCRAM CAM?
7. What lotions can I wear with SCRAM CAM?
8. Can I use hair coloring/hair dye while wearing SCRAM CAM?
9. What if I kiss someone who has been drinking while I am wearing SCRAM CAM?
10. I am on house arrest and/or GPS, how do I make a schedule change?
11. What is House Arrest (curfew restriction) monitoring?
12. What happens if I tamper with or remove the SCRAM House Arrest bracelet?
13. Can I get the SCRAM House Arrest bracelet wet?
14. How do I get a good photo when the Remote Breath device takes my picture?
15. Why did my Remote Breath device require me to retest?
16. What if I’m at work and don’t want the audible testing prompts to sound. How do I silence the device?
17. How often do I need to charge my Remote Breath device?
18. How do I charge the Remote Breath device?
19. Can I take a test while the Remote Breath device is plugged in and charging?
20. My Remote Breath device has different colored solid and blinking lights above the battery icon. What do the lights mean?
21. How do I clean my Remote Breath device?
22. Can Remote Breath breath tubes be reused?
23. Can my Remote Breath device get wet?
24. I wear glasses. Do I need to take them off when I test on my Remote Breath Device?
25. Is there another way to be reminded in case my device is not close to me when I need to test?
26. What is GPS monitoring?
27. What happens if I tamper with or remove the SCRAM GPS bracelet?
28. Can I get the SCRAM GPS bracelet wet?