Who benefits from an agricultural district?
Everyone benefits. Besides its value for the production of food, agricultural land provides many environmental benefits, which are important to the quality of life. Groundwater recharge, open space, and scenic view sheds are a few examples. Agriculture benefits local economies, too by providing jobs on farms and in supporting agribusinesses. Keeping land in farms also helps to keep taxes for public services down.

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1. Who benefits from an agricultural district?
2. Who controls agricultural districting?
3. Do agricultural districts consist entirely of farmland?
4. Does a district preserve farmland?
5. Do agricultural districts eliminate a municipality's ability to control growth?
6. Does an agricultural district prohibit the free market sale of land?
7. To what extent does an agricultural district guarantee a farmer's "right to farm?"
8. Can government acquire or condemn farmland within an agricultural district against a landowner's wishes?